PE-FI is arguably the most prevalent application of smart contracts today. this is the reason why we aim to build our own liquidity pool, where holders can trade their metafrens with our official token. we can use as an example projects like Cyberkongs and Supducks, which created futher collections implemented to the liquidity pool. keep in mind that future collections will be available for metafrens holders
Gloria is not just the art-director, she's the co-founder. we met her this summer during a tattoo convention in milan, we asked her to work with us and she immedieately said yes. Two weeks later she sent us an email and we started this journey together
Common (3000)
Rare (1500)
Super Rare (500)
1/1 Legendary (5)
We will partner with rarity tools which will be our main rank system

Only on our official website !!

A fair price of 0.05 per Metafren !!

10 per wallet, as we aim to build a strong Community from the beginning with high % of Unique Holders !!

48h after public mint !!

We will partner with RarityTools during reveal !!
Web Developer
Co-founder/Design Director
Social Manager and Marketing